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r.avaflow 2.2 Background

by Martin Mergili


r.avaflow is an initiative launched for the purpose of designing, evaluating, and promoting a comprehensive and innovative simulation model for the dynamics of various types of geomorphic mass flows. The software r.avaflow 2.2 is the result of six years of active research and development. It represents a GIS-supported open source framework for the simulation of complex, cascading mass flows over arbitrary topography and includes a Voellmy-type model and, particularly, a multi-phase flow model with some complementary functions.


r.avaflow fills a long-standing gap in mass flow simulation.

2014-2017: the avaflow project

Development and evaluation of the first prototypes of r.avaflow.

2018: evaluation and optimization

Back-calculation of complex landslide cascades.

since 2019: r.avaflow 2

Extension of the physical concepts and the computational tool.

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