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r.avaflow 2.3 Software

by Martin Mergili and Shiva P. Pudasaini


r.avaflow 2.3 and some associated scripts are available for download below. Older versions can be obtained from martin.mergili@boku.ac.at or from the website of the avaflow project.


Be aware that the application of computer models in the field of natural hazards is highly critical. First, all tools, data and manuals were prepared with utmost care and with the purpose to be useful - however, they may still contain errors of various types. Second, even the best models only produce a distorted and generalized view of reality. Their interpretation requires (i) extreme care, (ii) a detailed understanding of the model and (iii) complementary information such as measurements or observations. The unreflected communication of model results may lead to unwanted consequences. Whilst the authors highly appreciate critics or suggestions, they clearly refuse any responsibility for any adverse consequences emanating from the use of any of the versions of the tool provided below.

r.avaflow 2.3

Source code of r.avaflow 2.3 and installation scripts [Version 20200724]


Tool for filling depressions in the terrain with water


Python script supporting the visualization of landslide travel times


Python script supporting the visualization of frontal velocities


Python script supporting 3D animations of r.avaflow 2.3 results in ArcGIS Pro

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